He Called His Sister-In-Law Out At His Family Dinner Party Because She Was Being Too Full Of Herself Over Her Job As A Doctor

Gorodenkoff- illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Sometimes, people can be a little too full of themselves when they get an impressive job. It’s one thing to love your job and be passionate about it and another to be a bit pompous about it.

One man has been fed up with his sister-in-law talking about her job as a doctor any chance she gets, so he recently called her out on it at a family dinner party. Needless to say, things got awkward.

He’s 34 years old and has a 32-year-old wife. They recently hosted a dinner party for his entire family, which included his sister, his sister’s wife, and their two kids.

His sister-in-law is 33 and a doctor. She absolutely loves her job and never misses an opportunity to talk about it. 

However, he finds his sister-in-law to be arrogant and that she talks about her job way too much, to the point where she sort of shoves it down people’s throats. She’s also started inserting her professional opinion into anything medical-related.

“For instance, she goes all out to comment on every supplement my mom takes and tells her which one’s necessary [and] which one isn’t,” he explained.

His sister-in-law also gave his wife unsolicited medical advice when she was pregnant; even though she’s not an OB/GYN, she’s a cardiologist.

Things came to a head when he overheard her talking to one of his youngest cousins during the dinner party. She was talking about her job and mentioned how fulfilling and rewarding it is, but also how no amount of money could compensate for how stressful it can be.

When he heard this, he felt she was acting like no one else in the room was a hard worker or had a job.

Gorodenkoff- illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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