He Decided That Instead Of Spending $110,000 On A Birkin Bag For His Girlfriend, He Would Surprise Her By Making Her A Very Realistic One From Scratch

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If only we could all afford to spend thousands of dollars on luxury designer handbags. That’s an unrealistic expectation, however, for the majority of the population who doesn’t make one million dollars a year.

It doesn’t stop people from dreaming of owning a luxury handbag, though. This is particularly true for people like TikTok creator Alexander Sway, @liveyoursway, who knew that his girlfriend always dreamed of owning an Hermès handbag.

Instead of spending $110,000 on a Birkin bag, as he showed in his video, he decided to get creative and make his own Birkin to surprise his girlfriend. This may seem like a massive feat to take on, but Alexander was serious about making this mock Birkin look as real as possible.

Somehow, he found a template online for a Birkin bag and began by printing it out and cutting out the different pieces that would eventually be assembled into the handbag.

He even went as far as purchasing a sheet of leather that resembled the crocodile leather of the real Hermès bag. He used special tools to cut the leather, which were also really expensive, but was able to cut out all of the different squares and shapes to turn them into the bag.

It wasn’t a simple assembly, however, and he had to learn how to sew the pieces of leather together in order to make the basic shape of the handbag. This included using special tools to punch holes in the leather and using a special kind of needle and thread.

“I finally understand why luxury companies charge so much for these handbags,” he said. “There are so many steps involved, and each step can take a lifetime to master.”

Despite all of the difficult steps that he had to endure in order to make this mock Hermès come to life, the bag was actually coming along really well and looked pretty professional. Still, he further details the difficulties that he ran into when crafting this bag.

Though he was able to find leather that looks very similar to the one on the real Birkin, he mentioned that in quality, the leather was not the same.

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