He Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Ring On A Chain Since She Can’t Wear Rings At Work, But She Started Crying And Screaming When She Saw It

This 29-year-old guy has a 28-year-old girlfriend who is a nurse. So, whenever she is at work, she is not allowed to wear rings. That’s why, when he realized he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he tried to figure out a way to give her something that she could always keep with her.

He actually works as a graphic designer, too, so he set out to make his vision happen. “I designed a ring and a chain that I thought she would really like,” he recalled.

Apparently, the ring was actually a style he knew his girlfriend had worn before and liked. It also had a diamond and some opals– which were her favorite.

As for the chain, he used one made of a stainless steel core that was small yet sturdy. Then, on the top, there were gold and silver links that alternated to add strength.

He claimed that the chain’s clasp was invisible, too, meaning that the engagement ring could be clipped on or taken off of the chain without having to take the entire chain off.

“I made it so that she could turn it and hide the clip, so she could wear the chain separately from the ring as well,” he added.

Anyway, he thought that this idea was extremely cool and thoughtful, considering his girlfriend’s line of work. So, he proceeded with the proposal last weekend– asking his girlfriend to marry him at the park on the Sunday following Mother’s Day.

Apparently, it was just the two of them there for the intimate moment. And after he got down on one knee, his girlfriend was initially super excited and quickly said yes.

But then, once she pulled the ring out of the box, she realized there was a chain attached, and her mood totally flipped.

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