He Realized He Was The Laughingstock Of His Friend Group After He Hosted A Birthday Party And Overheard Everyone Badmouthing Him For 10 Minutes

rh2010 -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Over the weekend, this 33-year-old guy sadly realized that he was the laughingstock of his friend group. What’s even worse is that the truth finally came out during a birthday party he hosted for himself.

It all began during the party, which was hosted outside in the sun when he excused himself to use the bathroom. And once in the bathroom, he decided to open up a window– which was not visible from the main party area.

At that point, he was immediately met with laughter– which he didn’t think much of at first. But then, he heard his name mentioned, along with a comment about how he was an “absolute mess,” and even more laughter followed.

Unfortunately, the mean remarks didn’t stop there, either. Instead, over the following minutes, his name was apparently mentioned numerous times while his so-called “friends” insulted everything about him.

“Everything from the drinks I make people– all of which are just thrown away– to the night getting better when I leave,” he revealed.

“I sat in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and just listened to the onslaught of insults. Even a secret I confided in one friend was broadcast to the whole group, again to much laughter.”

Still, he eventually needed to head back outside. And when he did, he watched as all of his friends went back to acting “normal.”

For him, however, the damage was done, and he couldn’t help but notice all of the “little things” he never realized before. For instance, he was not included in any conversations or interactions aside from people glancing or smirking at him.

rh2010 –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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