He Went Away On Vacation With His Girlfriend And Her Parents, And Their Dynamic Totally Changed, So Now He Thinks She’s Going To Break Up With Him

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old guy has known his girlfriend, who is 29, for 15 years. And even though they only started dating about six months ago, he claimed their relationship was incredible.

His girlfriend is reportedly beautiful, funny, and easy-going. She also has a 3-year-old son who he adores.

“We’re very close. She brings up being in love and wanting to get married a lot, and I feel very happy and cherished,” he said.

But recently, his girlfriend planned a 10-day vacation with her parents and her son. She also wound up inviting him along, and he agreed to go in an effort to prove that he’s really serious about their relationship.

However, he had never gone away with a girlfriend before, let alone a girlfriend’s family. And now, he thinks that agreeing to go on the trip was a big mistake.

Primarily, the dynamic between him and his girlfriend has entirely shifted around her family. Of course, he knew that he would help out with her son during the vacation.

But he felt like his girlfriend just expected him to act like a full-blown father throughout the trip.

For instance, if he sat down on a lounge chair, his girlfriend would accuse him of not helping her out. Plus, she told him that her parents have taken notice, are annoyed with him, and believe he isn’t enjoying himself.

And obviously, this has made him super anxious because he doesn’t want either his girlfriend or her parents to think that about him.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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