He Went Away On Vacation With His Girlfriend And Her Parents, And Their Dynamic Totally Changed, So Now He Thinks She’s Going To Break Up With Him

On top of that, he has been a bit sad during the trip since his girlfriend is not treating him as she normally would. He claimed she kept getting snappy, making little comments, and in general, just seemed off.

Whenever he tried to ask if she was okay, though, his girlfriend would start arguing with him about little things.

“Such as not feeding and helping her son eat his spaghetti when I don’t do that at home, being angry I didn’t go to breakfast at 6:15 a.m. when I don’t ever eat breakfast at home, and being annoyed that I wanted to go for a walk when she wanted to go to bed at 8:30 p.m.,” he explained.

Due to this, he has kind of been on edge throughout the entire vacation. He feels like anything he does will be viewed as “wrong” or cause an argument, especially because his girlfriend’s family already made remarks insinuating they were unhappy with him.

That’s why he eventually tried to take some initiative and extend an olive branch to his girlfriend’s father.

While they were in the pool, he apologized to her dad and said it was not his intention to come across as annoyed or as though he was not having fun.

After that, he thought his girlfriend’s dad responded well, too. They even had a few beers together, and her dad revealed how his girlfriend always spoke about how great he was at home.

Still, his girlfriend’s dad claimed not to get the same impression during the vacation and pointed out how his girlfriend and her son needed someone who was committed.

Upon hearing that, he swore that he was committed. He also tried to point out how the vacation was a new environment.

“And I thought it went okay, but even that backfired,” he recalled.

“My girlfriend then said during an argument that I was trying to play the sympathy card as her dad had said to her that I was a nice guy.”

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