He Went Away On Vacation With His Girlfriend And Her Parents, And Their Dynamic Totally Changed, So Now He Thinks She’s Going To Break Up With Him

So, his girlfriend continued being distant, and two nights ago, he asked to talk to her. But rather than having a conversation, she essentially went off on him.

His girlfriend claimed that he had been miserable the entire trip and said no one even wanted to be around him.

She also accused him of not helping out with her son and not being a good role model and expressed doubts that she could handle their relationship in the future.

Essentially, his girlfriend made it seem as though he ruined the entire trip– which he believes is seriously unfair.

He had never seen her so furious, either, and honestly did not understand why she was so angry.

“She looked at me like she absolutely hated me, and anything I said in response was just more fuel,” he revealed.

Since then, his girlfriend has not kissed him and will actually just turn away her head whenever he tries.

And whenever he attempts to talk to her, she freaks out on him again. That’s why he’s been feeling deeply hurt, especially since he spent so much money to go away with his girlfriend and her parents; meanwhile, everything went south so quickly.

“And the fact that they have basically all sided against me and left me on my own for the last three days is really upsetting,” he vented.

He even tried to ask his girlfriend to talk again on their last day of the trip, but all she said was, “I’ll speak when I’m home,” before leaving the room.

That set off alarm bells in his head– causing him to dread the flight home. He also now believes his girlfriend plans to break up with him as soon as they get back from the trip.

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