He Went On A Date With A Girl Who Kept Calling Her Mom To Basically Judge Him And See If Her Mom Would Approve

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It’s nice when your partner has a close relationship with their parents. It shows that family is an important aspect of their life.

But sometimes, they can be a little too close with their parents, which might end up imposing on your boundaries.

TikToker Mac (@littlefatpug) is talking about the time he went on a date with a girl whose mom continued calling throughout the outing, asking for every single detail about him.

So he was on a date with a girl, and it had been going well. But about an hour into the date, the girl received a phone call from her mom.

She answered it and informed her mom that the date was good so far and that Mac seemed to be about 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Mac sat there uncomfortably while the girl was dishing out the details to her mom. He let it slide this time, and they proceeded with their date.

At one point, they headed to a park, where the girl received yet another phone call. She asked Mac if he was Jewish, stating that her mom wanted to know because her family was Jewish themselves.

Basically, the girl spent the whole date interrogating him to check if her mom would approve. Then, while they were in a loud, crowded bar, the girl’s mom FaceTimed her, requesting to see Mac.

Mac recalled that once she saw him, she commented on how good-looking he was but made a disapproving noise after noticing that he had brown hair.

PhotoPlus+ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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