Her Boyfriend Is Set On Naming The Puppy They’re About To Get After The Girl He Has A Crush On

AILA_IMAGES -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend named Dave have been together for the last 7 years, and she’s positive her boyfriend does love her.

Before she even got to meet Dave, he developed a huge crush on this other girl, and Dave spent a significant amount of time with her.

“They spent a lot of time together before we started dating, and he paid for everything for her and took her anywhere she wanted to go,” she explained.

“She would do things like climb into his bed in the middle of the night wearing nothing but panties…I only know this because he has expressed his frustrations about it many times, both sober and under the influence.”

“She has always treated me with disdain and generally just looked down on me and refused to acknowledge my existence and presence.”

Although she has pointed out to Dave that his friendship with this girl is not ok and not appropriate, he has shown no interest in cutting this girl out of his life.

Dave does not spend a lot of time around this girl anymore, but he does call her on the phone and even take her out for dinner.

To make things even worse, she sadly ended up on life support for 3 whole months in the exact same city where this girl lived.

The doctors thought that she would not survive, yet Dave only stopped by to see her two times. In contrast, he would spend a lot of his time with that friend of his instead.

AILA_IMAGES –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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