Her Cousin Intentionally Bought The Exact Same Wedding Dress As Her, So She Called Her Out The Night Before Her Wedding

sorin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman has a cousin who is a year older than she is, and right after she mentioned she had a date for her wedding, her cousin decided out of nowhere that she was going to have her wedding one week earlier.

Since she’s getting closer and closer to her own wedding day, she’s spent the last several months shopping for her wedding dress.

Her cousin’s mom wound up asking if she could see a few of her wedding dresses, so her mom sent a video to her cousin’s mom of her wearing some of her final options.

She didn’t think twice about her mom sending the video to her cousin’s mom, as she thought it would help to make them feel more “included” in the process.

At that point, she had already put a deposit down for her wedding dress. Several weeks later, the boutique where she bought her dress called her up.

“They inform me that my cousin and her mother had come to their store with the video of me in my dress and asked to get something exactly like it,” she explained.

“One of their sales associates sold them the exact same dress in a cream color instead of white (which was my dress’s color).”

“The store owner was very apologetic and offered a refund since she realized two girls from the same family can’t wear the same dress—I will likely have a lot of the same guests at my wedding.”

She didn’t even know what to think except that perhaps this was all some kind of awful mishap. She instantly reached out to her cousin to ask about what wedding dress she ended up buying.

sorin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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