Her Sister Called Her Entitled After She Asked Her To Help Pay For A Babysitter Since Her Wedding Is Child-Free

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Attending events like weddings can be difficult for parents of young kids who can’t be left on their own. It can be especially tough if you’re in a wedding party and must be there for things other than the ceremony.

One woman asked her sister if she’d be willing to help her pay for childcare so she could attend her wedding, and she said no. Now, there’s a lot of tension between the two of them. 

She’s 25 years old, and her sister is 28. In a couple of months, her sister will be getting married at a child-free wedding. She lives in a different state from her sister, so she ended up being invited to the wedding as a regular guest instead of a bridal party member because she couldn’t commit to the responsibilities. 

Now, she might not attend the wedding at all.

She is a single mom to a six-year-old son who won’t be able to travel with her for the wedding because of her sister’s child-free rule. 

“I’d need to commute, and I’d probably have to be gone from my house for two full days,” she explained.

“I can’t have family watch my son since they’ll all be at the wedding, and I don’t really have friends who will babysit for two days.”

She called her sister to explain her predicament and asked if there was any way she could bring him to the wedding. Her sister said no, that her child-free rule was strict, and there would be no exceptions.

Then, she explained that she would need some kind of child care since she didn’t have a reliable babysitter willing to watch her son for those two days. So, she asked her sister if she’d be willing to help her pay to hire a nanny or sitter so she could still attend the wedding.

Magryt- illustrative purposes only

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