Her Son Told Her That He Caught Her Husband Cheating, And She Isn’t Sure How To Confront Her Husband Without Throwing Her Son Under The Bus

fotofabrika -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old woman has always been tight-knit with her kids. But, she has an especially close relationship with her son, who is 15.

Apparently, he has always felt very comfortable talking to her about anything and everything. So, while she was sitting with her son in his bedroom last week, he actually broke down into tears and spilled a massive secret.

After school one day, while her son was out with some friends, he wound up catching his dad– her husband, who is 52– kissing a different woman.

Obviously, this news was very shocking to hear, and she did take a little while to collect herself. Then, she comforted her son, admitted to believing him, and thanked her son for trusting her enough to share that information.

Now, she detailed how she and her husband had actually been attending marriage counseling over the last few months.

Her husband has a long history of dealing with depression, and whenever his condition gets worse, he tends to withdraw from her and their marriage.

“He has terrible childhood PTSD. But he is an amazing father. He has always been there for our children,” she said.

There is also another reason why they have been going to marriage counseling, too. Apparently, her husband suffers from pretty low self-esteem since she is much better off in her career and earns more money than him.

“That has made him feel inferior to me,” she revealed.

fotofabrika –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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