Her Twin Sister Is Demanding That She Agree To Be A Guardian Of Their Younger Disabled Sister Because It’s Too Much For Her To Handle Alone

However, the stress of being their younger sister’s guardian has started to take its toll on her twin, who now demands that she become co-guardian.  

“She believes I have all the time and money in the world because I’m child-free, and she’s a single mom to three kids,” she explained.

Although she and her husband live comfortably, they’re not necessarily rolling in cash. However, because she isn’t a parent, her twin believes that’s enough reason for her to take on most of their younger sister’s needs.

She doesn’t want to be a jerk and say, “I told you so,” to her twin, but she tried to warn her multiple times how difficult the responsibility would be.

“I warned her this would happen, and this is exactly why I didn’t want to take it on,” she said. “I told her I wouldn’t judge her if she signed over guardianship to the state, as it’s a lot for anyone to handle.”

Her twin hated that suggestion and called her selfish. She also said that the plan wouldn’t be what their parents wanted. Finally, she had to tell her twin that she made her choice, and now she had to deal with it.

“I do not dictate how she lives her life, and she has no right to tell me how to live mine,” she added.

Should she be more compassionate toward her twin sister, or is she right to stand her ground?

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