He’s An Emergency Medical Doctor Talking About The Ouija Board And If There’s A Scientific Explanation For It

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The Ouija board has been an object of fascination for a long time because it is said to be able to connect humans with the supernatural.

There have been many eyewitness accounts from all over the world from people who have played around with the Ouija board and experienced the presence of a ghost or spirit of some sort.

But can the Ouija board really gain access to the spirit world, or is there a scientific explanation for this whole phenomenon?

An emergency medical doctor and TikTok creator named Dr. Joe (@drjoe_md) is talking about the Ouija board and what might be causing some folks to believe that they have been communicating with the dead.

Recently, 28 girls in Columbia were all hospitalized at the same time after playing with a Ouija board and displaying anxiety and fainting symptoms.

And a while back, a similar case occurred where 11 teenagers were taken to the hospital when they were discovered to have passed out in a corridor after playing with a Ouija board.

In both cases, hospital records show that the kids had abdominal pain, vomiting, and muscle spasms. However, they ended up being diagnosed with food poisoning.

Dr. Joe explains that their symptoms could be due to something called shared psychotic disorder. Shared psychotic disorder is a rare disorder in which a normal, healthy person can take on the bizarre delusions of a person having a psychotic episode around them.

The person with the primary mental health disorder and the most dominant member of the social group transfers their delusions onto the others, causing mass hysteria. It can happen between two people who are close to each other or in a group setting.

Atomazul- Stock.Adobe.Com, illustrative purposes only – not the actual people

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