He’s Got A House, A Great Job, And A Lot Of Money, But He Hasn’t Really Found A Woman That He Considers To Be Wife Material, So He Doesn’t Want To Risk Settling Down

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This 30-year-old man says that he really does think at this very moment his life is incredible. He has a house, a great job, and a lot of money.

In fact, he has so much money that he doesn’t feel like he can “responsibly spend” it all right now.

Additionally, he has many women to choose from in the romantic department, but he’s just not that into any of them.

So, he’s been casually dating around and having a good time because he hasn’t really found a woman that is wife material.

“I want to get married if I find someone that I’m passionate about, but I don’t want want to get married to check a box for public opinion,” he explained.

“Part of me feels like I would totally happy being single in the long run, the other part of me knows that the party is probably going to end soon.”

In contrast, all of his friends have settled down and are all welcoming children into the world, but any time his friends discuss having kids, he thinks it just seems to be misery-inducing for them all.

That’s also giving him pause when thinking of settling down. That, and he’s terrified of divorce, especially since it happens at an alarming rate.

Should he ever get divorced, he’s pretty positive he would need to pay alimony, and also, he could lose his home.

“Life is good now,” he said. “Why risk it? When I can go on an app and get a girl tonight? She won’t be “the girl,” but hey, I get to be free, I get to live by my own rules. It’s not like I wouldn’t settle down if a passionate attractive woman showed interest and put in effort to pursue it.”

Media Whale Stock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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