His Cousin Expects Him To Send Her Only Son $300 As A Graduation Gift Because He Has Three Kids Who All Received $100 Each For Their Graduation

Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy grew up with four cousins, three females and one male, who now have eight kids in total.

And apparently, he views his cousins like siblings and even calls their children his nieces and nephews.

That’s why he never forgets to send money for all of the kids’ special occasions. For instance, on birthdays, each child receives $50. Then, for Christmas and graduations, the kids get $100 each.

When his oldest son graduated, though, his 48-year-old male cousin and 44-year-old female cousin sent his son $100. At the same time, his other two female cousins– who are 48 and 40-years-old– did not even bother to call.

He didn’t think it was a huge deal, however, and simply moved on. But, later that same year, his 21-year-old niece graduated as well. So, he sent $100 as a congratulatory gift.

And this year, two more of his nephews are graduating, as well as one of his own kids. So, he sent both of his nephews $100 each, as he usually would.

But after he did that, his 48-year-old female cousin wound up giving a call and asking him where the rest of the graduation money was.

Obviously, he was confused and asked what she was talking about. At that point, he claimed his cousin started freaking out and screaming at him– saying he owed her son an additional $200.

“Because I have three kids, which in turn means my kids are going to get a total of $300 from them, yet I’m only spending $100 on her son,” he recalled.

Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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