His Fiancée Confessed To Exchanging Risqué Texts With A Coworker And Asked For An Open Relationship Just Three Months Before Their Wedding Day

“Yes, the next day after that confession. I’m definitely heartbroken,” he said.

He was honest with his fiancée about his belief that being in an open relationship did not align with their future plans.

He just does not feel comfortable switching back to an open relationship after spending three years exclusively with each other.

Plus, the fact that his fiancée asked to change their arrangement just three months before they were set to tie the knot left him feeling really shattered.

Once he expressed his feelings, his fiancée did apologize. She also claimed to think he would be fine with going back to an open relationship since he was originally the one who wanted that arrangement when they first met.

Obviously, though, he is not okay with going back to an open relationship. And his fiancée reportedly understood– saying that was fine and she was only suggesting an idea.

His fiancée also reassured him that she did not need their relationship to be open.

Ever since she asked, however, he has not been able to stop “connecting the dots.” In other words, he suspects his fiancée just wanted to be in an open relationship so she could be with her coworker without sacrificing their future plans together.

So, he has started to feel really jealous of his fiancée’s coworker– since he knows she had been talking to the guy a lot.

And while he doesn’t necessarily feel “bad” about the situation, he just senses their relationship is in trouble– which sucks after working on their partnership for so long.

“I’m feeling things that I’ve never felt with her– jealousy, fear, sadness, anger, and devastated,” he admitted.

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