His Fiancée Confessed To Exchanging Risqué Texts With A Coworker And Asked For An Open Relationship Just Three Months Before Their Wedding Day

raisondtre - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 29-year-old guy first started dating his fiancée, who is 26, about three years ago, they had an open relationship.

But eventually, after a few months of dating, his fiancée asked him if they could be exclusive, and he agreed.

Since then, they have been living together for three years. They also got engaged, will be tying the knot in three months, and intend to have children afterward.

For the past couple of weeks, however, he noticed that his fiancée has begun to party more and be more active on social media platforms– like Instagram.

He also realized that his fiancée was spending extra time “getting prettier” before she headed off to work.

That all led up to a couple of days ago when his fiancée ultimately made a devastating confession. She revealed that she was attracted to a coworker and had actually been exchanging some “risqué” text messages with another man.

Now, his fiancée claimed to regret the texts and swore that nothing else happened between her and her coworker.

She also promised to stop talking to the other guy and argued she was drunk when it happened and regretted the whole thing.

Yet, just yesterday, his fiancée approached him again. And that time, she asked if he wanted to enter an open relationship again.

raisondtre – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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