His Wife Was Never Close To Their Nephew, And He Recently Told His Nephew The Truth As To Why

goodluz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this man’s 40-year-old wife was just 17, she and her father were in a traumatic accident. Her dad wound up passing away, and she was severely injured– remaining in a coma for a few years.

According to his wife’s doctors, she has physically healed as much as she can. However, they are still working on her mental health– which is reportedly quite bad.

His wife also has two siblings– Regina and Calvin, who are 45 and 47, respectively. Two years after his wife woke up from her coma, Regina also had a son and decided to name him James.

James was his late father-in-law’s name, though, which was why everyone– including himself, his mother-in-law, Calvin, and even Regina’s husband Will– urged Regina to change his nephew’s name.

“Because we all knew it wouldn’t end well,” he recalled.

Regardless, his sister-in-law didn’t listen to any of their concerns and wound up naming his nephew “James” anyway. And apparently, this sealed the deal in terms of his wife’s relationship with their nephew.

More specifically, he and his wife now have six other nieces and nephews. But while she is very close with the other kids, she never really formed a strong relationship with James– who is currently 18-years-old.

Now, he claimed that his wife did not treat their nephew like a pariah. However, she was more guarded around him. For instance, she did not babysit James as often as the other kids and did not take him out for fun outings alone.

That’s why, throughout his childhood, James started to catch on. So, recently, his nephew finally asked him and his brother-in-law Will why his wife was so closed off.

goodluz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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