If You’re Struggling To Create A Home That Feels Cozy, Here Are A Couple Of Small Changes You Can Make So Your Home Has More Of Your Personality In It

Feature A Passion

Do you happen to have a hobby or a passion that you love dearly? Make it known in your home! When someone walks inside, they will know instantly what you value in life.

If you love reading, assemble some bookshelves together in a way that draws the eye. Or, if you’re into pottery, set out vases, candle holders, mugs, planters, or anything you created with your own two hands.

Assess Your Lighting

Just because there are already light fixtures in each room doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them. Built-in light fixtures can be dull and basic.

Add more lighting to provide a brighter, more energetic mood. Whether you’re installing a chandelier, lamps, or string lights, you’ll find that layering your lighting will enhance the vibe of any space in your home.

Follow this guide, and you’ll soon be living in a home that really resonates with you!

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