He Went On A Date With A Girl Who Catfished Him So Badly, Because She Looked Nothing Like Her Photos And Was Easily 100 Pounds Heavier In Real Life

Jacob Lund - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man says that he uses dating apps in order to meet new women, and he recently went out on a date with a girl that he met on one of the platforms he uses.

Usually, when he goes on dates, he thinks that women are pretty liberal with their pictures, and what he means by that is they look different in real life than they do online.

His experience so far is that women tend to make themselves look better in the photos they present on their profiles, but that doesn’t always align with reality.

“When you see them for the first time they are a bit heavier than their pictures; the worst instance I had before this girl was probably 50lb heavier than her pictures,” he explained.

Normally he finds that women are slightly heavier than their photos depict, but their faces look pretty much exactly the same as in their photos.

However, when he went out on his most recent date, he was shocked to find that she was easily 100 pounds heavier than she had appeared in her photos.

He estimated that she weighed nearly 400 pounds, and the thing was, she had multiuple pictures of her entire body on the app he met her on, so he couldn’t believe how she looked in real life.

“All the girls I tend to date tend to be on the chubbier side so I have no issue dating bigger girls but even I have my limits,” he explained.

“She definitely was heavier than me and I am over 6 feet tall with a football player body type. On top of that all her pictures she had clear skin but she did not have clear skin at all, a lot of acne and bumps, not sure exactly what it was but looked nothing like her pictures even if you were to factor in the weight gain.”

Jacob Lund – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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