Last Night When Told His Girlfriend’s Dad That He Wanted To Propose, Her Dad Gave Him His Favorite Cowboy Hat

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This man has been dating his girlfriend for 3 years, and yesterday evening, he stayed over at his girlfriend’s parent’s house.

At one point during their evening, he ended up going out to the porch to hang out and chat with his girlfriend’s dad while his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mom were watching a show inside.

He and his girlfriend’s dad had a couple of drinks, and they just were having a really good conversation.

Now, his girlfriend’s dad is really into the outdoors, and he’s the kind of guy where if you go for a walk in the woods with him, he can pick out things you can actually eat.

“He always takes me with him, and he is really like a second dad to me,” he explained. “I don’t have a very good relationship with my own dad, and when I first met him, he welcomed me into his family, and we’ve grown very close over the years.”

“I can always tell him things that are bothering me and ask for advice. When I see him and my girlfriend interacting, my chest just fills with so much warmth. She loves her dad a lot, and she always says she’s so happy that she has a dad like him.”

His girlfriend’s dad also always has a cowboy hat on, despite the fact that he’s not exactly a cowboy, and he even has a pretty big hat collection built up.

As he was talking on the porch with his girlfriend’s dad, he brought up proposing to her sometime in the near future.

His girlfriend’s dad mentioned that he was thrilled about that and was completely supportive of their relationship.

ccestep8 –, illustrative purposes only

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