He Recently Upset His Daughter After Telling Her She’ll Never Mean As Much To Her New Friend As Her Childhood Friends Do

lashkhidzetim -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Something I’ve always found very impressive is when people can stay close to friends they’ve known since childhood. Childhood friendships are filled with magic and require much work to maintain.

One man recently upset his daughter after telling her she’ll never mean as much to her new friend as her childhood friends do.

His daughter is 25 years old and made a new friend four years ago while running a marathon. Her friend is five years younger than her, but they still became close.

“They both did extremely well, and a friendship blossomed,” he explained.

“They have a lot in common. They both like music, running, working out, art, TV shows, etc., and they both are at the same university.”

His daughter was so excited about this friendship, but recently, it’s been on the rocks. During a recent visit home, his daughter filled in their family on what’s been going on with her friend.

Apparently, her friend is still really close with a lot of her friends from her childhood years. They often get together and go out in a group, but she’s rarely invited. His daughter watches her friend post pictures and videos with her childhood friends, which makes her jealous and ignored.

As a result, their relationship is not as tight-knit as she had hoped it would be.

His daughter got very emotional when she revealed that her friend didn’t wish her a happy birthday a few weeks ago and stopped answering when she tried to arrange a visit. This was especially disappointing because his daughter had made big plans for her friend’s birthday earlier this year.

lashkhidzetim –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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