Men Open Up About All The Reasons Why They Decided To Actually Cheat

Volodymyr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, it’s just not that rare to be cheated on.

Some scientists theorize that our predecessors started engaging in monogamous relationships as far back as seven million years ago. And since then, humans have had an imperfect relationship track record.

But while it’s not uncommon to hear about an affair or secret one-night stand, you might have trouble wrapping your head around why someone would decide to cheat– especially if the cheater was once your own partner.

That’s why one Reddit user recently asked men of the internet to open up about the logic behind their infidelity. And some of the answers are truly thought-provoking– raising questions about everything from emotional maturity to how someone can properly end a relationship when it feels like there’s no way out.

Their Break Up Strategy Didn’t Work

“I broke up with a gal, and she said, ‘No.’ Honestly, I didn’t know that was possible. So, I started seeing other people.”


“I had that [happen] once. Weirdest thing ever! I spent about two weeks preparing for the breakup. I thought that I had a rebuttal for every objection. I never even thought that ‘no’ was an option.”


They Owned Up To Not Having A “Backbone” 

“I think that for me, it boiled down to being checked out emotionally but without the spine or backbone to end it.”

Volodymyr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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