She And Her Husband Want To Ask For Their $400 Baby Shower Gift Back After Their Friend Suffered A Miscarriage

This woman is currently married, and her husband has had a long-time family friend named Jen for a while.

And even though she and Jen are not exactly close, they are always friendly whenever they run into each other.

That’s why, back when Jen announced she was pregnant with her first child, her husband was happy to purchase a gift from Jen’s baby shower registry.

The item was reportedly pretty expensive, too, costing between $200 and $300.

“I had no issue with the gift or how much he spent,” she recalled.

“It was a nice item to gift Jen, and we were excited for her to grow her family with her then-boyfriend, now-husband.”

After a few years passed by, however, Jen and her husband became pretty high earners– both making over six figures per year.

Yet, when Jen announced a second pregnancy, she and her husband received another baby shower registry which was reportedly filled with a ton of expensive items.

Now, she was taken aback for two reasons. First, she found it odd that Jen would announce the pregnancy and ask for gifts while still in the first trimester.

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