She Became The Adoptive Mom To Her Niece After Her Sister Became A Teen Mom, But Now Her Sister Wants Her Back

Nina/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child  

Some people who choose to give their children up for adoption may deal with tremendous guilt for not being able to take care of their child and potentially regret their decision.

One woman became her sister’s daughter’s adoptive mother, and now she refuses to give her back.

She’s 26 years old and has a 21-year-old sister. Three years ago, her sister and her partner had a baby as teenagers. They were still finishing high school and were nowhere near ready to become parents.

They tried for a short time to raise their baby girl, but the stress of trying to be teenage parents took a toll on their mental health, and against their family’s wishes, they decided to put their daughter up for adoption.

“Our parents wouldn’t take her, so my now husband and I stepped up,” she explained.

“We wanted kids anyway, and I hated the thought of losing my niece, so we offered, and they accepted.”

During the adoption process, she and her husband told her sister that the adoption could be a temporary short-term situation, where they would only keep her daughter until she and her partner finished school and got their lives together.

However, her sister said no, still unconfident in her parenting abilities. 

So, they went through an official and legal adoption process. Her sister and her partner signed away their parental rights and are now known as her daughter’s aunt and uncle.

Nina/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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