If You’ve Lost Hope In Dating Apps, She’s Talking About How She Found Her Fiancé In A Crazy Way

Jacob Lund, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Can the dating apps ever actually result in a successful relationship? How many people actually find love through Hinge or Bumble? Maybe you don’t believe that love is actually possible with someone that you met on the apps–it can be really difficult to find someone that you connect with.

If you’ve lost hope in dating apps and have resorted to the idea of being single forever, Tik Tok creator Madeline @madelinecope is here to restore your faith. She found her fiancé in a crazy way on Hinge.

“I live in Dallas, Texas, and I thought, how fun and cute would it be if I matched with a boy from California on Hinge?” she said. “I just was thinking in my head, I love California so much, and the next time I fall in love, it’s not going to be with a Dallas boy, I just want to fall in love with a boy from the west coast.” 

She decided to set her Hinge location boundaries all the way out to California in hopes of finding what she was looking for. She even stretched it past California to Washington–just as long as she got to date someone from the west coast.

The hard thing, she realized, was that she was a single mom at the time as well, which made it more difficult to actually draw someone in.

“I went on no dates,” she said. “After setting my location a couple of places…I had absolutely zero luck. Not to mention that I was a single mom, so guys were like, ‘Oh yeah, sure, she’s cute, but like, I’m not trying to play stepdaddy’.”

This process of searching repeatedly and cycling through profiles on Hinge went on for months. Without any luck, it became tiresome. She decided to cut herself off and end her search by deleting her dating apps.

“I’m like done at this point,” she said. “I go to delete my Hinge, and all of a sudden, I get a notification that this guy sends me a rose–the hottest man I have ever seen in my life!”

Things suddenly turn around for her, and she puts her plan to delete her Hinge on hold. He was so intriguing that she had to pursue him. There’s always a catch to a perfect scenario like this one, though.

Jacob Lund, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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