She Caught Her Husband Texting A Woman He Saved As “Baby Girl” In His Phone, And Then He Admitted That He’s In Love With Her

Elena Kratovich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Typically when you hear stories about people who have affairs behind their partner’s back, it involves the partner finding out unexpectedly. 

But one woman’s husband openly admitted to her that he’s been falling in love with someone else, and now she’s unsure of what to do about their marriage.

She’s 32 years old and has been with her 37-year-old husband since she was a teenager. They’ve been married for almost nine years and have been trying to have a baby.

Sadly, they’ve been under a lot of stress, as she’s lost multiple pregnancies in a row. She’s noticed that it’s taken a toll on her husband, who has seemed “off” for a while.

“I could tell there was something going on in his head, but he wasn’t talking about it or hardly looking at me,” she explained.

A few nights ago, while returning from a visit to her dad’s house with her husband, she noticed that he was texting someone whose name was in his phone as “Baby Girl.” 

Ironically, that’s the pet name he uses for her, but it became clear he was texting someone else. He was texting this mystery woman about how he hoped he hadn’t kept her awake the night before. The text “screamed” to her that he was having an affair.

She decided to confront him about the texts, and he told her he was glad she saw them because he didn’t know how else to tell her about his affair.

He started chatting with this other woman innocently as friends but began having feelings for her about a month or two later, which was around the time she felt him start to pull away from her.

Elena Kratovich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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