She Bought And Hid Her Own Birthday Cake From Her Family Because Her Husband Didn’t Buy Her One, And He Accused Her Of Being Greedy

Halfpoint - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For this woman, birthdays are quite important. She believes they are the perfect way to raise up and celebrate loved ones on their own special day.

“And it’s just nice to have an excuse to get together with a friend or family member, you know?” she added.

That’s why she has always gone “all out” to make sure her husband and her two sons feel celebrated on their birthdays. She even keeps a special calendar filled with all of the birthdays of her family, in-laws, and friends.

That way, she can remember to bring a cake over to a loved one’s house or remind her husband to pick up a card at the store.

However, it just so happens that her husband really hates birthdays.

Now, it’s not like he ever refuses to have his own birthday party. But when it comes to “spending money on gifts” or “buying a card” for one of their family members, her husband will always make a big fuss.

And in the beginning, her husband’s attitude honestly really bothered her. She thought it meant that he just did not care enough to celebrate their lives.

“But I reminded myself that he does a lot for me and the people he loves, so maybe it’s just not his thing,” she explained.

“He’s also lackluster on Christmas, so whatever.”

Halfpoint – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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