She Found A Lost Lovebird, And This Is The Sweet Story Of How She Reunited Him With His Family

Sultana fell so in love with the affectionate little bird that if his owner was never found, she would keep him. Her family ordered a birdcage immediately and set up a nice area for him.

However, Sultana did not give up searching for Olive’s owner. She posted in several Facebook groups and had to dodge sketchy accounts that were falsely trying to claim the bird. She was very careful not to post too many pictures of Olive and would make every person who tried to claim him send proof that Olive was theirs.

After having little luck through social media posts, Sultana printed out ‘lost bird’ posters and hung them around Toronto. She made sure to stop by the apartment building Olive was found outside of and hung up a bunch of posters there.

She also made a trip around that area in search of any ‘missing bird’ posters. Finally, Sultana was contacted by an older man through the email address she left on her posters. He didn’t have access to social media but said that Olive belonged to him and another woman.

Then, Sultana learned that the bird’s name was Watermelon and got the owners’ photos for proof. As it turned out, they lived in the building Watermelon was sitting outside of.

Watermelon’s owners like to let their birds roam around their house, and on the day he escaped, they didn’t realize that he started chewing a hole through their window screen, which was how he got out. Once Sultana had enough proof and information from the owners, she knew it was time to return Watermelon to his true home. His owner was so relieved and so thankful for Sultana and her family.

“I’m so happy that the little guy is back home,” said Sultana at the end of her journey with Watermelon. “I feel like I met an angel, and he just made me so happy. Thank you, Watermelon.”

Great job, Sultana!


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