She Found Out After She Kissed A Guy On The Third Date That He Did Not Brush His Teeth

Vasyl - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

If you’re currently in the dating game, you’ve probably encountered quite a handful of gross guys. Maybe they don’t shower regularly, or they pick their noses and don’t wash their hands.

TikTok content creator @tallblonde.jpg has a bad date story about a disgusting guy that takes the cake.

This guy doesn’t brush his teeth. That’s a filthy habit that would be a dealbreaker for pretty much anyone.

From here on out, he will be called ‘teeth guy.’ She met the teeth guy on Hinge and got coffee together for their first date.

He seemed like a nice person who had his life together; however, she wasn’t super into him. But she decided to give it another chance. They went on a second date, then a third.

By the third date, she was going to figure out exactly how she felt about him and whether or not they would continue their relationship.

So for their third date, they met at her place and drove to dinner together. When he arrived at her place, she immediately kissed him to see if she felt any attraction, but there were no sparks.

At the restaurant, teeth guy began talking about his visit to the dentist and how he had a bunch of upcoming dental appointments.

“I jokingly ask, ‘What did you do to your teeth?’ And he says, fully serious, ‘I just don’t brush them.’ At that point, I knew there would be no fourth date,” she said.

Vasyl – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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