She Found Out After She Kissed A Guy On The Third Date That He Did Not Brush His Teeth

She also wishes she had known that fact before she kissed him. That would’ve been nice. Then, more of his toxic traits came out.

Teeth guy is a divorcé, and he revealed that he had only gotten married and had a kid because his wife wanted to.

And when he paid for the meal with a debit card, he mentioned that he wasn’t able to get a credit card because of all the times he maxed out his cards during his time working at Sea World.

It turns out he doesn’t have his life together after all. So, of course, she broke things off shortly afterward. Later, she ran into him at the Minnesota State Fair.

At the fair, this band setting up on stage caught her eye, so she decided to stay and watch them. During the band’s first song, she noticed the bassist had walked off the stage toward the bleachers.

Then, he started to make a beeline toward her and ended up standing right in front of her.

“And I see, without a fraction of a doubt, that it is tooth man. He did his little parade, and then he went back on stage,” she said.

She immediately left the fairgrounds, worried he would think she was stalking him and wanted to get back together. What are the odds that she would run into him at the largest state fair in the US? She hasn’t heard from teeth guy since he’s blocked on her phone, but she’s still absolutely mortified.


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