She Found Suspicious Texts About Another Woman On Her Boyfriend’s Phone, And Now She Can’t Look At Him The Same

Still, it appears that her boyfriend’s female friend was pretty intrigued by his request and asked why he was interested in the flight attendant.

“She was way too pretty to be working for that airline,” her boyfriend responded. Then, he even said that he needed  to find a pilot who would “slide” into the flight attendant’s DMs to “let her know that.”

To be clear, she knows there is nothing wrong with finding other people attractive. After all, it’s natural– even if you are in a relationship. However, she thought her boyfriend’s texts crossed a line since it seemed like he was weighing the idea of acting on the attraction himself.

“He said to find a pilot to tell her, but he doesn’t actually know any,” she reasoned. “So what was his plan if he was able to find out her name? Stalk her on social media? Slide into her DMs himself?”

That’s why, ever since finding those messages on her boyfriend’s phone, she has been seriously unsettled– because she finds it very inappropriate that he was so interested in finding out the flight attendant’s name. And now, she’s been unable to look at him the same, touch him, and doesn’t even really want to be around him.

Nonetheless, she is still not sure whether she should bring up what she found because she fears that her boyfriend will just get angry at her for going through his phone and blame her for being jealous or insecure.

Is it understandable why she thinks the texts are super unsettling? Could there be any explanation for her boyfriend’s messages or not? Do you think she needs to cut off her relationship? What would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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