She Had A Creepy Interaction With A Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Laughing While Heading To Work One Early Morning, And The Interaction Still Creeps Her Out To This Day

The girl looked at her and waved, which really creeped her out. Suddenly, the teenager ran toward her car and headed toward the passenger side door.

She quickly turned off the music playing in her car and frantically hit her door-lock button. Then, the teenager began violently pulling at her passenger side door before banging on the window.

She started screaming to try and get the scary girl to leave when the girl started laughing again as if the situation was some sort of game.

“After a few seconds, she stopped the pounding and trying to open my car door,” she said.

“Her face fell flat as I disappointed her, and she started to walk away from my car back the way she came. She waved at me again before squeezing through the trees, out of the view of my headlights.”

The encounter still terrifies her today, as she has no idea what was going on with that girl. There’s a good chance she was a teenager under the influence, but something even darker could have happened. She didn’t call the police after the incident, and she regrets not doing it.

But, regardless of what was going on in that teenager’s head, she’ll never forget the eerie smile she had on her face.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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