She Had A Creepy Interaction With A Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Laughing While Heading To Work One Early Morning, And The Interaction Still Creeps Her Out To This Day

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Have you ever had a freaky interaction with someone when you least expected it?

One woman had an eerie encounter with a teenager that seemed to come out of nowhere while heading to work early one morning.

One year ago, she used worked an opening shift at a resort. This meant she was usually the first employee to arrive every day and had to clock in before 5:00 am.

The resort she worked at was located in a very wealthy and affluent town. She usually parked in a lot outside the resort adjacent to a long, windy road leading to the rest of the neighborhood. The road was separated by brush and trees that no one would walk through. 

One morning, she parked her car outside the resort to get ready to clock in. It was quite dark outside since it was so early in the morning, and the parking lot lights hadn’t been turned on yet. 

“I had my hand literally at my keys, my brain in the process to turn off my car, when I noticed a young girl, maybe like 14 or 15 years old, come scampering through the span of trees that separates the resort from the outside road,” she recalled.

The girl looked like a high school student. She had long blonde hair and was wearing a jacket with pajamas. She looked as though she had just walked out of her house. However, what really freaked her out, was this mysterious teenager’s behavior.

“She wouldn’t stop laughing and smiling,” she recalled.

“I couldn’t hear her laughing from outside the car, but she was visually giggling at something I wasn’t aware of or could see, and it was so unnatural.”

nd700-, illustrative purposes only

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