His Girlfriend Is Best Friends With Her Ex, And He Doesn’t Know How To Cope With His Anxiety Over Their Friendship

etonastenka -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old guy has been with his girlfriend, who is also 32, for about a year now. And according to him, their relationship has been progressing wonderfully.

While he realizes it’s pretty cliché, he does not think he has ever met anyone who was a perfect match for him at the right time and who wanted the same things in their life.

“I would propose to her in a heartbeat, while I never ever had the urge to marry someone. Just to paint the picture of how well we sail,” he said.

But, given their ages, they both obviously have dating histories with other partners. And typically, he does not have any issue with that since it’s not often that you run into a partner’s ex.

Sure, discussing past relationships with a partner can be uncomfortable or feel odd. However, for him, the feeling always fades.

With his current girlfriend, though, he is dealing with a completely different situation.

Apparently, his girlfriend is still best friends with her ex-boyfriend from numerous years ago– who she also used to live with. His girlfriend and her ex meet up every week, either alone or with some other friends.

So, when he first found out about their friendship, he admitted that the news stung a bit. But then, he got to meet his girlfriend’s ex and realized he was a great guy.

He doesn’t think his girlfriend’s ex has any bad intentions. Plus, he knows that they split up for a reason.

etonastenka –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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