She Had To Change Her Number, Quit Her Job, And Move To A Different City After Her Ex-Boyfriend Threatened Her

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Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a relationship where the person they’ve been dating reveals their true colors later on.

One woman started dating a guy whose personality changed about three weeks in. When she told him a story about a guy flirting with her in class, he reacted in a way that really freaked her out.

She was in her 20s, finishing college classes and working as a receptionist in a city. One day, one of the guys that worked there told her his client was interested in her and wanted her number. She said yes, and agreed to a dinner date with his client.

He was seven years older than her, but she didn’t mind the age gap because her parents had a similar gap.

He worked in the medical field and was fairly charming on their date. They shared their life stories, and he admired hers because he had a very different childhood.

That night, she discovered he was adopted as a baby, and his adoptive father was abusive. His mom left home when he was only 15, and he was kicked out three years later. When he was in his 20s, he was in a terrible car accident and spent years living at a family member’s house so he could work and get his act together.

“Yeah, heavy conversation on the first date,” she said. “But all I felt was this overwhelming compassion for this poor human who had been through so much.”

Despite his past, she thought he was smart, handsome, and nice, so she continued to date him.

Unfortunately, three weeks into their relationship, he started to change, and his behavior became strange.

Pixel-Shot- illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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