She Keeps Falling For Men Who Are So Jaded Following Past Heartbreaks That They Refuse To Open Up Again

This woman keeps going on dates or getting emotionally involved with guys who became seriously jaded after getting their hearts broken. And she claimed that it could not be more upsetting.

“They’ll have this one girl they’re in love with, and the relationship ends– not really due to toxic or abusive reasons. And then, the guy will be jaded ‘forever,'” she explained.

For her, this is seriously frustrating since, most of the time, she feels like she can basically see the “goodness” inside the men she dates. However, due to their past trauma, they just will not open up.

“I can see there’s still a sweet guy in there who was once able to pour love, but now, they resort to other things like having multiple girls, partying a lot, drugs, and alcohol,” she said.

Now, she would love it for the guys she dates to feel safe enough to open up. She also wants to let them know that she would never hurt them in the same ways they had been hurt before.

Even when she communicates that, though, men just never seem to care; plus, some don’t even bother giving her a chance.

And after that happens, she then finds herself starting to fantasize– wishing the guys would treat her the same way they used to treat their ex-girlfriends.

“I feel like I’ll never be treated as such, and it makes me upset. I always feel like I’m never going to be someone’s ‘the one.’ Rather, just a shadow of what they wanted to have with their ex-partner,” she vented.

Unfortunately, this has already happened to her three times, too. So, she’s having trouble finding men out there who are actually working to heal their trauma and understand that just because one relationship did not work out, that doesn’t mean other relationships are doomed.

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