She Met A New Friend Who Started Following Her Husband Around And Making Him Really Uncomfortable

undrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman is a stay-at-home mom who recently decided to try out the Bumble Friends app. Her goal was to meet other moms in the area and set up some playdates for her kids.

And in the beginning, things started off well. She wound up meeting a 23-year-old single mom who had a son around her own son’s age. That’s why they got to talking and wound up scheduling some playdates.

But since the other mom still lived at home, the mom wanted all of the playdates to take place at either her house or the park. Still, she was completely fine with that.

“Our boys got along great, and it was really sweet,” she recalled. “My husband was always a part of the play dates or around the house when they came by, and he enjoyed the occasional conversation.”

Then, the other mom eventually started talking to guys and searching for a boyfriend. Afterward, her new mom friend did find a man who apparently adored her and her son.

“That sounded like a win in my book!” she said.

However, the next time the mom went over to her house for dinner and a play date, things just seemed off.

The mom barely even spoke to her whenever she tried to start a conversation. Yet, whenever her husband walked into the room or sat down, the mom would initiate conversations with him about anything and everything.

For instance, her husband would get asked about his day, his work, and if he had been going to the gym.

undrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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