She Met A New Friend Who Started Following Her Husband Around And Making Him Really Uncomfortable

And at first, she did not think much of the discussions and thought they were just talking about normal conversation topics.

Once the mom started following her husband everywhere he went in the house, though, she realized something was up.

“He moved to the dining room, and [the mom] followed. He went to the bathroom, and she waited outside the door. He finally went and sat in his gaming area while I was sitting in the living room with her eating, and she moved to go sit basically at his feet,” she explained.

Now, the mom did eventually get a call from the new man she was talking to. So, the mom left with her son, but she and her husband were left super confused.

Her husband admitted to feeling very uncomfortable the entire night due to the mom’s actions. Then, he even asked her not to have playdates with the other mother anymore while he was around.

She and the mom had also planned a trip to the zoo with their kids. But, due to the incident, her husband did not want to go anymore. Plus, since her husband was staying home, her son wanted to stay with him.

Still, she did not want to cancel at the last minute, so she wound up just going to the zoo with the mom and her kid.

During the zoo trip, she bought the child a stuffed animal, and they all fed the giraffes together while waiting to see a live show.

Yet, throughout the whole day, the other mom still only spoke to her to ask about her husband. They didn’t even talk about their kids or anything else!

That’s why she eventually decided to come clean and reveal how the mom’s behavior the other night had made her husband seriously uncomfortable. She also revealed how her husband had asked to be left out of any playdate plans moving forward.

But rather than getting upset or at least trying to explain, the other mom just shrugged off her comments. Then, the mom claimed she and her son had to go, so they all left the zoo and parted ways.

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