She Met This Guy On A Dating App And He Seemed Perfect For Her, But After Her First Night With Him, She Found Out That He Wet The Bed

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Can you think of the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while on your first couple of dates with someone?

We all have our dating horror stories, but this one is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Perhaps after hearing this woman’s story, you’ll realize that your first date horror story may not be that bad.

Bri (@bribetterpeople) is a TikTok creator and artist who went viral with her crazy story about a guy she had met through a dating app.

Back in the summer of 2021, Bri was thrilled when she found a guy on a dating app that seemed like the perfect man for her. He was a ‘cookie-cutter’ image of what she wanted in a guy, and was excited about getting to know him.

But, after the first night they spent together, things went south.

After spending the night at this guy’s house, Bri woke up and discovered he had wet the bed while they were sleeping.

“My entire back was wet,” says Bri in utter disbelief as she films herself after leaving the guy’s house.

“My pants were wet. He wet the bed.”

Bri tried to wake up her date to let him know what he had done, but he was a very heavy sleeper and was out cold. Not knowing what to do in the moment, Bri quickly got up, changed her clothes, and ran from his house!

Pixel-Shot-, illustrative purposes only

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