She Tried Putting On A Full Face Of Makeup For Her 16th Birthday, And Her Parents Scolded Her To The Point Of Making Her Cry

Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most parents tend to freak out the first time they see their teenager wearing makeup. It’s shocking for them and infuriating for the teen who just wants to express themself. 

One teenager tried putting on a full face of makeup for her 16th birthday, and her parents scolded her to the point of making her cry. 

She’s been looking forward to her 16th birthday for years. Her family recently decided to go all out for her birthday and planned a celebratory family vacation to the Virgin Islands. She went with her mom, dad, and brother. 

She thought it would be an amazing sweet sixteen, but due to some family drama, her big day fell flat. 

Her family tends to argue a lot, and this did not stop during what was supposed to be a memorable birthday vacation.

Things got really tense between her and her parents on the morning of her 16th birthday when she decided to put on a full face of makeup before heading down to get breakfast. She did the same thing on her 15th birthday with no issues.

“When I was putting my foundation on, my dad got super angry and aggressive and yelled at me and said it was too much,” she remembered. 

“It’s never been a problem, but now it suddenly is.”

Her dad even told her he’d be going to breakfast alone because he didn’t want to be seen around her. She was very upset and confused, considering she had worn makeup around her parents for years.

Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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