She Tried Putting On A Full Face Of Makeup For Her 16th Birthday, And Her Parents Scolded Her To The Point Of Making Her Cry

Additionally, she didn’t think she was wearing too much makeup that day and didn’t think it looked bad. 

She had hoped her mom would be on her side, but her mom handed her some makeup remover to take it off. Then, her parents started yelling at her because she was taking too long to take off the full face of makeup, and they wanted to get down to breakfast. 

Her parents went in and out of the bathroom to yell at her and accused her of trying to sneakily put on more makeup behind their backs.

When she finished, she grabbed a bit of concealer and continued to argue with her mom, who eventually told her to “shut up and stop talking.”

“My parents got into a fight about how much makeup I have, and my mom blamed me for the fight,” she explained.

“I wasn’t even the one who bought the makeup in the first place.”

The morning of her 16th was quite disastrous, as the makeup debacle put everyone in a bad mood. More arguing happened on the trip, and she ended up taking most of the blame.

For instance, when her brother tore up their hotel room because he lost his headphones, she got yelled at by her mom for getting upset with him.

“I got a huge attitude with my parents and told them to stop talking and to leave me alone,” she added.

“So I’m probably going to spend my birthday alone in a hotel room.”

For the rest of her birthday, her family tried to act like nothing had happened that morning, but all of the yelling still hurt her. 

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