She Went On A Date To A Fancy Steakhouse And The Guy Handed Her A Fake Bill, Which Forced Her To Have To Pay For Their Dinner

Mat Hayward - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The most frustrating people on the planet have got to be the ones who leave counterfeit currency in place of an actual tip for their servers at a restaurant.

Imagine if someone pulled out fake cash inscribed with Bible verses during a date of all things. Well, that’s what one woman experienced while at a restaurant with a guy.

TikToker Sarah (@sarahbearsc) is sharing a story about the time her date handed her a fake bill with religious literature printed on it, forcing her to foot the bill for their dinner.

So this guy had taken Sarah to a fancy steakhouse where they dined on filet mignon and engaged in terribly awkward conversation. But hey, the delicious steak made up for it, right?

It seemed so at first. But what happens next will make you question if going on dates is even worth the hassle.

At the end of their meal, Sarah’s date graciously offered to pay. He took out his wallet, pulled out a folded bill, and slid it across the table to Sarah.

Without thinking, Sarah grabbed the bill, put it on the check, and placed everything at the edge of the table so the server could pick it up.

However, Sarah’s date told her that the bill was for her, not payment for the meal. Confused, she glanced over at the bill again and spotted an image of Ben Franklin on it.

At first, she was excited but still puzzled over why he was giving her money. She hesitantly picked up the bill and realized there were a few too many zeroes on it.

Mat Hayward – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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