She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Suddenly Went Ballistic When She Wouldn’t Take Him Back To Her Luxury Apartment

When she returned to the table, he asked her to split the bill for their meal. This rubbed her the wrong way because he was the one who had originally offered to take her on a date.

And now, he was forcing her to pay half, all because she wouldn’t let him in her apartment. She grabbed the check, handed it to the server, put the charges on his card, and left the restaurant.

Her date proceeded to chase her down, hold her back, and call her names. Nicole escaped on an electric scooter. Afterward, he started texting her a bunch of crazy messages.

She blocked him, but he tried calling her using unknown numbers and spamming her Instagram with disrespectful comments.

Nicole emailed Hinge multiple screenshots of the guy’s harassment. She was terrified that she now had a stalker, and the worst part was that he knew where she lived.

At the end of her video, Nicole pointed out that men are worried about getting scammed out of a meal on a date, while women have more pressing concerns, such as being killed for saying no.

Remember, ladies, never choose niceness over your safety!


Im posting this just in case STORY TIME THIS IS MY OWN EXPERIENCE does anyone else have a story like this bc i feel like im the only one. #hinge #datingapps #dating #hingestory

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