She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Suddenly Went Ballistic When She Wouldn’t Take Him Back To Her Luxury Apartment

Mikolaj Niemczewski-, illustrative purposes only,

TikToker Nicole (@ceo_nicole) is recounting a time she was on a date with a guy who suddenly went ballistic when she wouldn’t take him back to her luxury apartment.

So she met a guy on Hinge, which seems to be how most bad dating stories start, and they went on a date together at a sushi restaurant.

Everything seemed fine at first, but throughout their time together, he kept giving subtle hints that he had a bad temper. He would become angry over things of little consequence, such as waiting for the valet attendant to get the car.

Nicole likes to see the best in people, so she brushed it off. However, ignoring the signs turned out to be a big mistake.

At the beginning of their date, he told her that he had never taken a woman on a date before and that he had taken the trouble to drive all the way from Beverly Hills to the downtown area for their date.

After they finished their food, he asked Nicole what she wanted to do next. She told him she was up for anything, whether it was going to a bar or a club.

Instead, he suggested they go to her place because she had a luxury apartment. Nicole vetoed that suggestion because she didn’t know him well enough yet for that.

He became furious, telling Nicole that the reason she gave wasn’t valid and that she needed to let him in her apartment.

At that point, Nicole excused herself to go to the restroom. She was going to ditch the date, but her niceness got the best of her.

Mikolaj Niemczewski-, illustrative purposes only,

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