His Girlfriend Dumped Him Because He Doesn’t Make As Much Money As She Does And Can’t Afford To Do The Things She Wants To Do

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This 30-year-old man recently got dumped by his 35-year-old girlfriend, and it all came down to one thing: money.

Back when he did meet his now ex-girlfriend, he immediately felt a strong connection with her. They did have a couple of interests in common, and they fell in love fast.

“We bonded over past relationships and how they weren’t great for either of us and how comfortable we felt with each other,” he explained.

“She is a successful real estate agent in a busy northeast city. I am a Special Education Coordinator in the same city.”

“We dated for 4 months without a single hiccup in our relationship until I was told that the school I am working at will be closing at the end of the year.”

He figured that he should take the bad news and make something good out of it. So, he chose to return to school and get another master’s degree; this time in social work.

His plan is to shift his career into mental health counseling and, from there, start his own private practice.

He did speak to his girlfriend about his new plan extensively, and she didn’t seem to be worried about it one bit.

But then, his girlfriend started to point out how their salaries would be super different, and that started to make her nervous.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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