She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Took Her To A Really Expensive Restaurant, But He Didn’t Have Enough Money To Pay, So She Had To Call Her Mom For Money

At that point, Mikayla was ready to call it a night and leave this disaster of a date in the past. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any way to get home because her date had driven her, and he wanted to keep the fun going.

So they walked over to the mall, which was near the restaurant. They were window shopping when  he suddenly stopped inside an Abercrombie and Fitch.

He had spotted a shirt in the store’s window he really liked, so he went in to purchase it. Mikayla questioned how he could somehow afford a $40 t-shirt but not a meal at a restaurant.

Then, he led her to a “really cool spot” he knew, which turned out to be the roof of a parking garage.

“So as we’re standing there in this beautiful parking garage that he just had to show me, I knew what was going to come. He was going to try to kiss me or something,” recounted Mikayla.

However, she was wrong about the kissing because what he tried to do was worse than what she had anticipated.

Immediately, he began unzipping his pants. Finally, Mikayla put her foot down. She demanded that he take her back to the car so she could go home.

But when they walked to the area he had parked in, the car was gone. Her date freaked out and started calling a bunch of tow companies. Eventually, he figured out where his vehicle had been taken.

At 11 PM, they trekked two miles in the darkness to reach his car. Once they were at the tow place, they discovered it cost $200 to get the car back.

He ended up calling several friends and family members to try to scrape up the money. Then, he wrote the tow company a check.

Now that they had the vehicle, Mikayla expected to be home soon.

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