She Went On A Date With A Rich Elderly Man Who Lied About His Age, And When She Confronted Him, He Said He Can Afford To Date Way Younger Women

alfa27- Stock.Adobe.Com, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 47-year-old woman recently decided to try online dating. So, she set her preference for guys’ ages to be between 40 and 55 years old before she started swiping away.

Eventually, she stumbled upon a man who claimed he was 55. And apparently, he was fit and appeared to be pretty wealthy.

She and the man got to texting, too, and through their conversations, she realized he was pretty fun and light-hearted.

Then, she checked out his LinkedIn page as a sort of background check and found that everything looked legit. Plus, she learned the man even worked in banking.

That’s why, after he invited her out to a fancy restaurant one night, she agreed to be his date.

But, when she eventually arrived for her date, she saw an old man staring and smiling back at her.

At that point, it was clear the guy was actually at least 70 years old. However, she recalled how his smile was disarming– pushing her to stay for dinner instead of just getting up, calling him a liar, and leaving.

“Also, I was kind of trapped behind a table and waiters,” she added.

Anyway, they wound up sitting down, and she tried to mentally plan out how she was going to delicately handle the situation. After all, the guy truly gave her “old man vibes,” and she believes it is important to be polite to the elderly.

alfa27- Stock.Adobe.Com, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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