She Went On An Ice Cream Date With A Guy, And After She Declined His Idea To Go Back To His Place To Watch A Movie, He Demanded That She Pay Him Back For The Ice Cream

That wasn’t enough for him, and he insisted that she give him her number after promising that he wouldn’t text her again if she turned out to hate him.

“I kind of respected that, and I was like, you know, okay, fine, whatever,” Crystal said.

She decided to give him her number and text him when she was free later on that day. Since it was an easy date choice, she told him that she’d be in the nearby ice cream parlor.

“If you want to meet me here, that’s where I’ll be,” she texted him. “So we get to the ice cream spot, and we start talking. He’s a journalist who does tourism journalism, and we’re talking about like places we’ve traveled, what we do for work…conversation’s getting kind of interesting.”

Shockingly, it seemed to be going well for her, despite her prior doubts. However, things took a turn for the worse pretty quickly into the date. He pays for her ice cream as they leave the store.

“He, like, barely holds the door open for me, and it almost slams on me,” she said. “At that point, I’m like–I’m good.

The red flags just keep popping up the further that she gets into this date.

“He keeps asking if I want to walk and eat this ice cream,” she said. “I’m like, no, my feet really hurt, I don’t want to walk.”

Instead of being understanding, he seemed to have an issue with her answer and keeps pestering her about why she doesn’t want to walk around.

“He’s acting like he’s really inconvenienced by the idea of, like, sitting down,” she said. “After that, I’m like, yeah, there’s nothing else for us to talk about. I kind of, like, shut down…because I’ve told you I’m in pain, and you’ve told me you don’t care.”

Though she gave up on having any more interesting conversations with him, he intrigued her when he asked if she liked documentaries–to which she responded that she did.

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